Samsung Could Be Top Mobile-Phone Maker by Volume

Samsung Mobile

Samsung says it sold more than 300 million mobile phones as of the end of November. That’s a record for the company, which sold 280 million cellphones in all of 2010.

According to figures published by Gartner, Samsung’s mobile-phone sales volume has been creeping up on Nokia for at least the last six quarters. Nokia has been able to keep its title as the top mobile-phone manufacturer in terms of sales volume, despite its struggle in the smartphone segment.

But if the trend persists, the Finnish-based mobile-phone maker may be dethroned in just a year or two. The gap in sales volume between Nokia and Samsung had shrunk to just 26 million units in 2011’s third quarter from 46 million units in Q2 2010.

No. 3 LG, yet another Korean-based electronics company, is far behind, with sales of  20 million to 30 million units per quarter.

Samsung attributes much of its success to its flagship Galaxy S smartphone series. Gartner estimates sales of 24 million smartphones just in the third quarter, which effectively pushes the electronics conglomerate to the top spot in terms of smartphone sales volume, besting Nokia’s 19.5 million units.

Alas, Samsung’s path to success is not without pain. The company is in the middle of a bitter war with Apple over various patents as well as the design of the iPhone and iPad. Samsung has countersued, but hasn’t gained any ground thus far.

Photo credit: Rendy