It’s Now WiMM’s Turn to Try to Tackle the Wearable Computing Market


Wearable computing has checkered past. Remember Microsoft SPOT? Barely anyone does. It was the ugly watch that tells you the weather and gives you your stock updates, and that was about it. It also cost more than a smartphone and some computers.

Hoping not to suffer the same fate, WiMM Labs is trying to conquer the wearable device category with its module that can be worn anywhere, such as on your wrist as a watch.

The device manufacturer has crammed a lot into this little block that can do whatever an Android developer can create for you. For example, in the demo Ted Ladd of WiMM Labs showed me, the device can display a multitude of different watch faces, plus a calendar, pedometer, weather, news, pictures, and a Starbucks app that lets him pay for his coffee with a flick of his wrist.

You can pair the WiMM device with a smartphone via Bluetooth so you can see photo caller IDs on your wrist and then decide whether you want to send it to voicemail or answer your phone. You can also get text messages directly on your WiMM.

The WiMM device is loaded with Android 2.1, Bluetooth, WiFi, Accelerometer, GPS, 2 GB storage, and it’s splash proof. The developer preview is now available for sale at $299, but the consumer version will be sold through partners who license the technology and device.