Mobile Apps, Security, Integration: 3 Areas to Consider for 2012


Where will the jobs be next year? Let’s add CompTIA’s views to the wave of predictions making their way around the tech world. If you’re looking for work, look here:

  • Mobile App Development skills will become more important as an increasing number of businesses will look for products that can help them streamline operations and communicate.
  • Security continues to be a worry for businesses, governments and consumers, yet there still aren’t enough professionals around to meet their needs.
  • Systems Integration, including Unified Communications, will be a busy area as businesses look for ways to save on operations and communications costs.
  • And Health IT is moving from the planning to the implementation stage, so there’s plenty of work to be done there. Plus, trainers are needed as systems begin to go live.

Here’s the predictions, from Todd Thibodeaux, CompTIA’s CEO, and Terry Erdle, its EVP of Skills Certification.

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  1. Mark, I watched the interview with the CompTIA manager.
    Some concerns: mobile development is quite a broad topic… in a sense, there are several platforms and I am not sure if iOS is the most popular, or if it going to stay the most popular even for 2-3 years.
    So spending all your “wake”-time on learning iOS coding – I’d love to hear the opinion of real iOS folks first. I’ve learned the APIs of a view proprietary platforms that do not help me become quite competitive, since those APIs have nothing to do with Java or .Net