Microsoft’s Xbox Metro Update Comes to Our Consoles This Week

Xbox 360 Metro DashboardMicrosoft’s long-awaited Xbox Metro Update will roll out this week with a new dashboard that looks more like a home entertainment center than a gaming console interface.

As you see in the picture, some channel names were changed and others were added: “My Xbox” is now called “Home,” “Friends” is now “Social” and a Bing search tab was added.

By using tiles, Microsoft managed to revamp the interface to add more information than the previous dashboard offered. If you’re used to Windows Phone 7 devices, you’ll love the Metro interface. And, if you own a WP 7 device you can control your Xbox remotely, add items to its queue and send content from your phone to your TV.

But what about the Kinect Sensor–will it be able to help us use the interface? More than you might have imagined. With the Kinect Sensor, you’ll be able to control your every move through tiles by swiping your hands or using your voice.

The new Search tab helps find content from the Xbox and Microsoft stores by voice. Whenever you search, you can expect to find anything from Games, Music and Apps.

There’s also some updates to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Epix, Dailymotion and Also, Microsoft has partnered up with companies to offer premium content: UFC, HBO Go, and a 25-channel HD line up from Verizon FiOS. There’s no DVR function yet, so you might not get the same TV experience, though we’ve heard a DVR is on the to-do list.

The Metro is part of Microsoft’s to “change living room entertainment forever.” With the Kinect Sensor as an assistant, it could be a more breathtaking than either Apple’s or Google’s TV.