Facebook’s Most Shared Articles of 2011

Facebook LikeFacebook is becoming a town crier unto itself. Ever wondered what its most popular links are? This week, the social network published a list on their blog of the most shared articles of the year by its U.S. users.

The most popular link of 2011: a New York Times article with before and after photos of the March tsunami in Japan.

The next three stories came from the CNN website: What teachers really want to tell parents, No, your zodiac sign hasn’t changedParents, don’t dress your girls like tramps.
The 40 articles on the list vary from interesting things like Scientists warn California could be struck by winter ‘superstorm’ or funny things like Twin baby boys have a conversation.

Steve Jobs appears in three articles, but Facebook is mentioned only once, in a CNN article entitled You’ll freak when you see the new Facebook.

The top sources for these top 40: Yahoo (with 12), CNN (10), The New York Times (7), The Huffington Post (7) and The Washington Post (3).