Foursquare Facelift’s Nice, But It Still Has a Spam Problem

New foursquare homepage

Foursquare has revamped its homepage to improve location discovery, as evidenced by the huge map that now dominates the page. Not only does the map show nearby friends and venues that are popular, trending, special or already on your list, it also intelligently suggests three new venues for your consideration.

Recommendations are made based on the time you visit the website. For instance, popular lunch venues will be suggested during lunch time, and so forth.

It’s now easier to discover lists too. With the new list discovery page, popular lists are  compiled with visually appealing thumbnails and ready for you to explore. Usability has also improved, with bigger photos and whatnot save for one crucial feature — reporting tips as spam.

Right now, there’s still no way to conveniently report spam, either on the homepage or in mobile apps. I can’t tell whether the same is happening everywhere, but where I live spam’s a real problem with Foursquare. Credit card offers are  “tips” in the train station. Event management offers are “tips” in a local eatery. It’s just… frustrating.

And I’m not alone. Other users complained last year on Get Satisfaction, and a Foursquare staffer got our hopes up by promising a feature was “coming soon.”

Foursquare tip spam reporting

Fast forward one year: a map is on Foursquare’s homepage, it’s easier to discover venues, everything seems more beautiful — but it seems spam is here to stay.

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