Office Hint: Piper Cubs Aren’t Just for Flying Anymore

A Man Cave: I want one. I want to sweep the spiders out of my tool shed, put in drywall, solar power, and Ikea furniture. I want to use my retired bourbon barrell as an end table. I want an old candlestick phone hooked up to my cell account. I want a router hanging from the rafter. I want enough power for my laptop, iPad and multi-purpose machine.

If you hold similar dreams and happen to like airplanes, check out this bit of inspiration from one Phil Collins, a gentlemen from England. He’s got big plans for the airplane fuselage he bought a while ago. I’ll let him speak for himself.


By the way, if you like the thought of working in the backyard, check Tiny Houses and Shedworking. Great sites to browse for ideas, or just for dream time. But never at work, of course. No, never.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons