Four Areas That Will be Hiring in 2012



A lot of hiring will happen in four areas next year, and here they are… Taiwanese companies come recruiting to Silicon Valley… And Microsoft wants to expand the use of Kinect beyond the Xbox 360. All on this week’s DiceTV Update.

Four Tech Trends Are Driving Hiring. So says Robert Half Technology. The company’s 2012 Salary Guide reports these are the trends pushing most of today’s hiring in IT. Continued growth of smartphones and tablets is heightening the demand for people  with experience creating and organizing mobile media content for the small screen. Their starting salaries could rise by 9.1 percent next year, to a range of $85,000 to $122,500. business intelligence analysts will see a 6.3 percent increase in average starting salaries, to a range of $87,750 to $123,500. Meantime, starting salaries for data security analysts will increase 6 percent, to a range of $89,000 to $121,500. And there’s an increasing need for software developers, especially those with SharePoint and .NET experience. Salaries there are seen increasing 6.5 percent next year to, a range of $70,000 to $111,000.

Taiwanese companies can’t find all the tech professionals they need. So they’re recruiting in California. Last Saturday, 22 technology, pharmaceutical, biotech, solar cell and cloud  computing organizations held a job fair in Santa Clara. The Taiwan Trade Center organized the event. It says participating companies included AU Optronics, MediaTek, Delta Electronics, Davicom Semiconductor, Macronix International, Silicon Motion, and LuxNet.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s Expanding Its Seattle Presence. The company plans to move its  engineering office to a new space next year, doubling its square footage to create lots of room for added staff. Currently, 60 Facebook engineers are at work in Seattle. More and more, Facebook shows it’s not limiting its talent search to Silicon Valley. Not long ago, Mark Zuckerberg said Silicon Valley isn’t “the only place to be,” and that if he were starting Facebook today, he would have stayed in Boston.

And Motorola Mobility is going to cut 800 Jobs. It’s all about the Googlization of Motorola. Most of the impacted jobs will be in the Chicago area. In August, Google agreed to buy the company for $12.5 billion. The acquisition will bring Google thousands of Motorola patents.

Finally, Microsoft wants developers to incorporate Kinect into devices besides the Xbox 360. Early next year, Redmond will launch the Kinect for Windows commercial program. It says it’s already working with outside companies to create tools and APIs. Microsoft believes the move is a logical evolution of the Kinect Effect, its buzzword for ways developers have adopted the device for non-commercial applications. Stroke patients, for example, can benefit from using Kinect. Who knew? Microsoft’s got a video that shows a bunch of things people are already doing with Kinect — beyond batting balls around. I’ve added a link to it at the bottom of the page. Although some of it looks just a little too much like the tools Tom Cruise used in Minority Report, overall I’ve got to say these approaches are pretty amazing.

Here’s the video:


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