Google+Apps: I Love It, And I Hate It

Google Plus, Google AppsGoogle Apps: If you want me to describe my feelings, I’d say it’s a love-hate relationship. While it’s great to use Google products, Apps users are often being treated as second class citizens.

For instance, we Apps users were only allowed to join Google+ last week, four months after the social network launched. Late, but better than never:

It took more technical work than we expected to bring Google+ to Google Apps, and we thank you for your patience. This integration is just the beginning. We’ll continue to add features and improve the way that Google+ works with Google Apps, and we encourage you to share your ideas.

Administrators can choose to roll out the service for everyone within an organization or enable it only for specific users. To those who opt to receive new features automatically, Google+ will be made available to everyone without any input from the administrator.

Google+ for Google Apps is a tad different from what everyone else is using. According to Google’s blog post, Apps users can share contents with everyone across their organization, even if they’re not added into any circles.

Sharing with everyone within organization

Great, but what if you are already using Google+ with your personal account? You can still create a new profile with your Google Apps account. In a few weeks, Google will release a migration tool to seamlessly transfer everything from your personal account to your Google Apps account.