IOS 5 Users Offer Power Drain Solutions

Power PlantiPhone users are discovering that the new iOS 5 is a power hog. Those who’ve installed the OS onto their iPhone 4 or 4S have noticed that battery life is reduced by as much as 30 percent. There’s much speculation in the blogosphere about the cause (Siri, more apps using location-based services, older apps not written for the new environment to name just a few). And as fast as iPhone users have coalesced with stories about the problem, many have jumped in with their own solutions to fix it. A forum on Apple’s website offers some home-brew solutions:

“…since i deactivate iCloud, my battery is normal.” – Wandgrab

“Calibrate your battery. Drain it to 0 and then fully charge it.” – justin133

“The main issue is that the Location Services icon isn’t enabled so you do not know when the iPhone is using the GPS. First of all, turn it on. Settings > Location Services > System Services > Status Bar Icon. Now you can tweak other System Services also. I have disabled the following ones: Compass Calibration, Diagnostics, Location-Based iAds, and Time Zone. I also disabled Location Services for Reminder and Weather. These 2 tend to enable the GPS all the time, which I figured out once I had the Icon back up.” -brazilan_sf

This solution from HayriC worked for several users:

1. Delete your email account(s) in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Your Account > Delete Account

2. Reset Network Settings in Settings > Reset > Reset Network Settings

3. Reboot your phone by holding the sleep/wake (top) button then sliding to off.

4. Re-add the email account Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account

5. Turn Push back on.

And finally:

“Turn off your iPhone.” – my Mother

Try these and see which one works for you. And, if you find a way to optimize the power on your phone, please share it with us.

4 Responses to “IOS 5 Users Offer Power Drain Solutions”

  1. A much easier way to also get more battery life is to turn off the auto time zone feature, buried in the location services settings. Do a search, you’ll see a lot of people claim this simple action adds battery life!

  2. Bob Martin

    Regarding IOS5 battery draining. If I open contacts, it constantly is trying to communicate with the network – the gear flashes on and off every couple of seconds. Sure looks like a stuck process. If I turn contacts off, and reset the iPhone (4), then the power drain doesn’t happen until contacts gets initiated – either by opening contacts, sending an email that has to look in contacts, etc. This is also why the turn off iCloud works. Shuts off contacts going back to iCloud. Just powering off with contacts on won’t do it. Sometimes powering down with contacts off will do it.

  3. Have a 4s with 5.0…I have been having some huge problems with the battery drain…icloud is no doubt one of the biggest culprits, and having it enabled will show in usage time even during the night when you are obviously not using your phone but the battery still drains. Also, when I try to disable network connection, and just enable it when I need it I get about 8 hours of usage and about 53 hours standby. Apple should most definately put back the option to at least disable 3g. Also, of course, cleaning out the multitasking bar once in a while; more often than not will no doubt help!