Managers Who Sucked – In Your Own Words


We’ve all had bad managers. It’s often the reason we leave our job. A bad manager’s behavior can be outright abusive and can make our work life miserable. Luckily, after you have a bad manager you can look back and laugh at it. That’s what we tried to do at Silicon Valley Code Camp when I asked attendees to tell me their worst manager story.

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  1. Albatross

    I was fired by a bad manager… twice. The SAME bad manager.

    I was hired at Job A by a nice lady who soon brought in her friend as an employee. A few months later I walked by the Nice Lady’s office… and there was her friend, sitting at her desk. The friend had backstabbed the Nice Lady and taken her job. As a material witness to this officeplace crime, I was fired the next day with no explanation.

    Seven years later I was working a Job B, a major retailer. I had a Good Manager. One day the Good Manager said to me “The team has gotten large enough we’re splitting it. Meet Bad Manager, you’ll be reporting to her from now on.” Bad Manager was of course the backstabber from Job A.

    After Bad Manager left I said to my former manager “I’ll be gone within a month.” And I was. Bad Manager fired me for “Wearing a hat in violation of company rules.” Never mind that I’d donned the hat while exiting the building into the rain, or that the hat rule was directed at retail floor employees not corporate workers.

  2. I had a boss that sat me down in his office and told me that he wanted to know everything about development that I knew. He actually wanted me to condense over 15 years of experience into a 20 minute conversation. What a jerkoff….

    • I had a boss who, soon after taking over as “the boss”, sat me down in the lunch room and told me how smart he was; how much money he used to make; about the car he just bought; and how he had not come cheaply to the company; Oh, and you are no longer the department supervisor, I am giving that position to a friend. It went downhill from there.

  3. I had a great manager. She was moved into a different position and replaced with Satan. My position was eliminated. Satan eventually left the company “for personal reasons”. My great manager was returned to her previous managerial position. I called about coming back to work for her. She thought it a great idea and would talk to some other folks. Eventually I was told I will never be re-hired because Satan still had an ally, Beelzebub, in the upper echelons.

  4. I will not talk about good and bad IT mgnt, just a reminder from BMW engineering practices…
    They simply require that every manager should have a technical degree. That’s simply on top of the managerial training and/or degree. How many IT managers are CS graduates and worked in the “coding department” first?

  5. The worst manager I ever had always blatantly scratched himself without thought to those around him. Unfortunately, he was also the owner of the company.

    2nd worst was a manager with anger mgmt issues. He was finally fired by corporate, and they discovered child pornography in his day planner when shipping it to him!