Why Native Technology Rules in Mobile Apps

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“It’s an artificial dichotomy,” says Adam Blum, CEO of Rhomobile, on the question of whether you should create mobile apps in HTML5 or natively. Rhomobile is an open source framework that lets developers quickly generate native smartphone apps that run across all devices.

Blum agrees that HTML5 is a fabulous tool for creating mobile interfaces (it’s integrated into his company’s platform). But he doesn’t believe it’s the best solution for creating mobile Web apps. “If you do that, you won’t get device capabilities. You won’t get to have local data on your device,” he observes. “The solution is not being HTML5 or native. It’s being both.”

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  1. Meh, disagree to some extent, Adam.

    It largely depends on what the “app” is for. If you don’t need GPS data, photo uploading integration, contact info from the phone, etc. a web app is the most flexible solution. But the way Apple keeps reinventing their implementation of HTML5, whether you do native apps or web apps, you’ll always have to do a one-off for the iPhone. Blech.