Oracle Is Hiring; HP is Firing (Weekly Roundup)

Dice News RoundupOracle Is “Hiring Aggressively:” Oracle co-presidents Safra Catz and Mark Hurd say that Oracle’s big push into hardware is proceeding despite concerns about the current economic climate. “We are hiring aggressively,” Catz says. Oracle saw a 14 percent growth in adjusted earnings per share in its last quarter. At last week’s Oracle OpenWorld, CEO Larry Ellison showed off Oracle’s new Public Cloud platform, which will offer application, including financial programs, human capital management, and customer relations management. Marketwatch

HP Axes 500 in San Diego Software Unit: Hewlett-Packard warned layoffs were coming, and they weren’t kidding. The entire San Diego Software unit, which numbers 500 people, is being shut down. The news probably comes as little surprise to workers, who knew that their efforts on webOS and the ill-fated HP TouchPad would no longer be needed. Some jobs may be moving offshore to Shanghai and Yehud, Israel, where HP does some R&D. TechCrunch

Tech IPOs Put on the Brakes: According to two reports, the most recent quarter saw the fewest IPOs in two years, both in the U.S. and abroad. The latest Exit Poll report from Thomson Reuters shows only five venture-backed tech companies – and 18 companies in total – went public in the U.S. last quarter. A similar study by IPO investment advisory firm Renaissance Capital found most of that action happened during the quarter’s first six weeks. After Standard & Poors lowered the federal government’s credit rating on Aug. 6, eight companies with IPOs on deck cancelled their plans. Of the 62 companies that are now waiting for stock markets to stabilize, more than a third are in Silicon Valley, and that fact is having a chilling effect on the entire local economy.

iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Top 1 Million: Apple fanatics may have been underwhelmed, but Apple says first-day pre-orders of the iPhone 4S topped 1 million, an all-time record for any Apple device. Apple, along with phone companies in seven countries, are taking the orders. Because more vendors are involved, it’s hard to tell whether the record demand will continue apace as the days and weeks pass, but some pundits expect Apple to move 3 million units before the end of the year, which would make the iPhone 4S a remarkable success. The New York Times

Rooftop Ads Will Be Seen By Google Maps: Perhaps it was inevitable. An Austin business is putting huge QR coded images on building roofs to make a billboard appear in satellite photos on Google Earth or Google Maps. The cost: $8,500. The increasingly familiar codes, which look like a pattern of tiny black and white squares within a square boundary, will be large enough to register in satellite and aerial photographs. Therefore, any business with enough roof space can be guaranteed new satellite images will be photographed within three months. Google itself is not formally involved. San Francisco Business Journal

Oak Ridge Labs Reveals Specs for Next Supercomputer: The U.S. government’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory plans to take back “the world’s most powerful computer”
title from China. It announced the design of a new supercomputer called Titan. For the first time, a supercomputer will be built not with traditional CPUs but rather with graphical processing units (GPUs) from Nvidia, mainly because such chips are especially good at the kind of floating-point operations that help supercomputers do such speedy work. The goal is to make Titan ten times more powerful than the lab’s current Jaguar supercomputer. It will have 18,000 nodes, each with an AMD CPU coupled with an Nvidia GPU, with total capacity topping out at 20 petaflops, or 20 quadrillion operations per second.  Scientists will use the computer to mode climate change, design engines, study biology, genetics, and nuclear fusion. AllThingsD

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