Google Releases Remote Access Tool for Chrome

Chrome Remote Desktop

Google wants you to spend all your time in a Web browser. And it’s dead serious, as evident when it turned its Chrome browser into an operating system and released it in the form of Chromebooks.

It’s not a far-fetched idea for average users who use their computers only for basic tasks. But for professionals who need advanced software to get work done, the idea of living in a browser is simply unrealistic.

While it’s not possible to build a Web application for every need out there, Googlers are hard at work trying to convince you that the browser is the platform of the future.

So now they’ve released a remote desktop extension in the Chrome Web Store that allows users to remotely control any other computer with Chrome and the extension installed.

Unlike most native remote desktop software, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get Chrome Remote Desktop up and running. It installs like any other Chrome extension. Once it’s done installing, you only need to grant some permissions and link it to your Google account.

You can imagine how useful the tool will be for the tech support guys, both professional and amateur. But it won’t be too useful if you’re looking to access your own computer from elsewhere, unless you can summon someone on the other end to help generate the necessary access code and send it over to you.

But Google knows that could be a shortcoming. “Additional use cases such as being able to access your own computer remotely are coming soon,” the app’s description reads.