Google, Samsung Confirm Oct. 19 for Ice Cream Sandwich Event

Google Samsung EventThe Google and Samsung media event, which is rumored to launch the Nexus Galaxy with Ice Cream Sandwich, is on for Oct. 19, 2011 in Hong Kong, China.  The event is dubbed “Something Big is Coming.”

Initially, the Samsung Unpacked Mobile event was canceled because of the death of Steve Jobs and the specs of Nexus Prime/Galaxy Nexus were exposed around the Internet on several tech sites just few days later.

Fast forward one week and we find ourselves here, waiting to find out when Google and Samsung’s new smartphone will be unveiled. Instead, we end up with an Ice Cream Sandwich Event.

We’ll have to wait and see if this is a bluff and Samsung and Google will have the courage to unveil two wonderful things: Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS AND a new Smartphone that could become the iPhone killer. Stay tuned…