Apple Unveils iPhone 4S. Apple Community Deflates

Apple iPhone 4S

Everyone cool off now, the big news has come and the rumors are done: Apple’s announced its new iPhone 4S during a live keynote at its headquarters in Cupertino.

Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, took the stage and handled his first launch event as boss quite well, showing no stress or emotion.

The presentation began with Cook reminding us of Apple’s wonderful products. We found out that Apple reached 23 percent market share with its Macs, though the company can “do more.” Then there was a retrospective of the iPod. Launched 10 years ago, the device has proved to be one of the coolest innovation made by Apple, selling more than 300 million units. And, let’s not forget about the iPhone with its 5 percent worldwide market share, or the iPad, the top-selling tablet in the world.

Cool facts, but what about the next iPhone?

Before announcing it, Apple’s VP of Software Scot Forstall announced the release date for iOS 5: Oct. 12. Then Senior VP of Internet Software and Services Eddie Cue took the stage to talk about iCloud and its official release date, also Oct. 12.

Next came Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller to lay out the iPhone 4S’s features: a dual-core A5-processor, which can download graphics up to seven times faster than the previous iPhone. The battery life is also improved, capable of up to eight hours of 3G talk time, nine hours of Wi-Fi browsing or 40 hours of Music playback.

An improved antenna system features better stability and can switch between antennas for better call quality. Another great surprise: the 8-megapixel camera with 60 percent more pixels than the iPhone 4’s camera. The backside illumination has 73 percent more light. Other camera improvements include face detection, white balance,  super fast photos and 1080p Videos. The iPhone 4S will also feature faster browsing experiences with HSPA+ connectivity.

Finally, a feature that everyone expected: Voice Command. Forstall demoed the new feature, which allows users to talk with their iPhones by way of an intelligent assistant called Siri.

Apple Voice Assistant

With Siri, you can look at the weather, search on Wikipedia, check the dictionary and even add reminders. You can also dictate text for pretty much anything.

It’s all very cool, but we were expecting an entirely new iPhone.

Prices: The iPhone 4S will come in three versions — 16 GB ($199), 32 GB($299) and 64 GB ($399). They can be pre-ordered beginning Oct. 7 and available beginning Oct. 14.

You can see our live blog of the event here.

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