Jawbone Lets You Pair Multiple Bluetooth Devices

I’ve been an advocate of Bluetooth since it was vying to be the wireless standard over 802.11. I dislike wire and anything that reduces the amount of it always ges tmy attention. But Bluetooth creates as many problems as it solves. For example, removing the wire between gadgets solved the physical tether, but didn’t remove the tether itself. I work in a cubicle and wear wireless headphones to blot out the chatter around me. When the phone rings, I have to remove one headset to put on another.

Jawbone recently released a cool next-generation Bluetooth device called the Nerd, a thumbnail s ized gadget thatallows you to pair multiple devices. The Nerd is pre-paird or hardware paired with the Jawbone Icon HD headset. Once you pair your headset to your phone, plug your Nerd into any Mac or PC. Without a software installation, or pairing of the devices, it’s connected to your headset. The connection is instant. When a call comes in, the music turns off with a tap.

The range is about 33 feet in an office environment, which is typical for Bluetooth devices. The Nerd’s equipped with “military-grade” noise cancellation developed for use for U.S. tank commanders and helicopter pilots. It’s sold with the Icon HD for $139.  That’s at the higher end of similar Bluetooth/USB combinations, but for the convenience of not having to fumble through another setting, it just may be worth it.