Facebook’s Open Graph Lets You Share EVERYthing.

Facebook Open GraphAmong many important things that were announced during Facebook’s f8 developer conference, the one that intrigues me the most is “to discover all kinds of things your friends are doing right now”. This could be a revolutionary or a deadly feature.

Yes, it is true. Facebook decided to extend its Open Graph to a new class of apps, although it could work with everything. Practically speaking, in the near future you can post on your Wall updates like: reading a book from Kindle, listening to Jay-Z, run in City Park 7 KM and so on. It’s like Twitter without the work.

Isn’t this cool? You can tell people you’re spending a night at home while you really plan to have a beer at your favorite hangout. Unfortunately, it could be your girlfriend’s favorite hangout, too, and it won’t be pretty when she comes in for a beer of her own.

Read a book, listen to a song, watch a movie, play a Facebook New Sharing Featuregame and an unlimited list of other activities can be shared with your friends and subscribers. To make it real, Facebook’s partnered up with services like: Spotify, VEVO, Mog, Rdio, Netflix, HULU, SoundCloud and many more. Watch for the verb “like” to disappear to be replaced by a long list of new ones: read, listened, watched, cooked, ran, played, etc. If Facebook detects that your activity is a special one, it will give you the option to add it to the newest profile space, called “Timeline.” So if you landed on the Moon with Paris Hilton and plan to share your activity, everyone will see it forever.

Facebook Open Graph AppsI don’t see the point of sharing the fact I won $1 million in the lottery. Some things should stay private. I’m sure this will be useful for Facebook and some users, but I still want to know what others think about this new “let’s share everything” feature.


Do you like or dislike Facebook’s new features? Which ones will you use?