Build Your Channel Now, Before You Need It


“Build your network now, before you need it.”

You’ve heard that advice before. It’s pretty standard for anyone who’s looking for a job. But given that everyone is now a publisher through social media, our network and our “channel” are becoming one, says Julien Smith, co-author of Trust Agents and blogger at

The definition of “friends” on our different social networks is heavily misleading. An individual really can’t handle more than 150 relationships in his or her “real life,” and most of us have far more than that on Facebook and Twitter. These connections are both part of our network and our channel. (If you’re interacting with people through social media, Smith says, you have a channel.)

Like your network, you need to build your channel now so you can use it in the future. “Controlling your future means controlling your channel,” says Smith.

To get people to pay attention to your channel, you need to build something for a large group of people so that it matters and becomes part of their existence. Are you creating something that matters to people, that is at the center of their existence? If you’re not, how can you be? asks Smith.

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  1. Define “controlling your future”?

    None of us live in a vacuum. Decisions made, words spoken, actions taken, etc. are rewarded, punished or ignored by family, friends, co-workers and bosses.

    At my age I am unconvinced that anyone can “control their future”; what they can control is their reaction to events that effect them, and perhaps someone else will be the mentor, encourager, etc. that helps them climb that ladder.

    After all, we all know folk who have climbed the corporate ladder successfully (perhaps while stepping on others?) while others, every bit as intelligent and/or hard working, or even more so, never seem to get any traction.