Nokia’s Ovi Store App Downloads Outpace Apple Store Versions

Nokia N97 - Ovi Store

Surprise, surprise! German research firm research2guidance says apps in Nokia’s Ovi Store are downloaded 2.5 times more than their counterparts in Apple’s App Store, despite the ever declining market share held by Symbian.

It turns out that the formula to a high number of app downloads is a combination of an under-populated app store and a “non-hyped” platform.

As of the second quarter of 2011, three app stores were seeing higher average downloads compared to Apple’s App Store — namely Ovi Store, leading by 160 percent, Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, leading by 80 percent and RIM’s BlackBerry App World, leading by 43 percent.

Android Market, the official app store for Google’s smartphone and tablet platform, saw a slightly lower number of downloads, trailing the App Store by 5 percent.

Of course, when we look at the bigger picture, Apple’s App Store and Android Market still hold the lion’s share of total downloads. In fact, Apple reached the milestone of 1 billion downloaded apps in April 2009, and has seen over an estimated 15 billion downloads to date. Android reached the 1 billion downloaded apps this summer, and is closing in at 5 billion at the time of writing.

Nokia's Ovi Store still generates highest average downloads per app

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  1. Pat Saison

    That may be true, but the Ovi store is missing the Anna Update that so many users in the USA are impatiently waiting for, and we are told to check everyday. This has been going on for months. If Nokia doesn’t provide this update, and the Belle update, no matter how many other apps are being downloaded on the Ovi store would not matter, since they are disappointing, if not pissing off their loyal existing customers, and it make Nokia a brand to avoid, and makes existing customers, like me, who was a fan of Nokia, to regret the decision of buying a new Nokia phone, as opposed to iPhone or Android. Forget about Windows phone for now.

    • I’m not surprised. Nokia had once held back an OS update to the N82 (that I’m still using as my secondary phone), when it’s available on newer devices with similar specifications. Not the right attitude to build a loyal customer base in my opinion.