Target’s Traffic Crashes Website During Fashion Line Launch

Target’s Web site apparently crashed yesterday because of shopper demand for a new, limited edition clothing line the retail giant launched.

The site was unavailable most of the day and is still experiencing outages today. Target is currently putting users into an online queue, automatically refreshing the page so visitors can eventually reach the site when capacity is available.  “It’s a little bit embarrassing for one of the nation’s largest retailers to have a Web site that can’t support a rush — it’s not like they’re any strangers to rushes,” Ian Schafer, chief executive of the digital marketing firm Deep Focus told The New York Times.

A Target representative called demand for the Missoni designer collection “unprecedented.”  The Missoni line is the latest in a series of low-prices designer collections the retailer has released.

These problems come just three weeks after Target moved from the Amazon ecommerce platform to its own system.

Source: The New York Times