Steve Jobs’s First Step Toward Becoming A Rock Star

Product launches by Steve Jobs have become famous, and not only because of the products themselves. Over the years, Jobs has honed his on-stage persona so that the events take on an air that’s something like the wizard stepping out from behind the curtain.

Before he announced the iPod, the iPad and the Macbook Air, he introduced the Macintosh. If you think the reaction to Apple’s later inventions is wild, be sure to watch this one. Remember that in January 1984, not many people had seen a mouse, or moving type, or anything beyond rudimentary graphics. No wonder the crowd went crazy.


By the way, if you’ve never see the commercial that pre-launched the Mac — directed by Ridley Scott, who two years earlier brought us Blade Runner — your understanding of Apple’s innate coolness isn’t complete. Here it is.


Photo: Low End Mac

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  1. No, it wasn’t like the commercial said, “1984 won’t be like 1984”. The year 1984 was (approximately) the start of (Orwell’s) “1984”. In the year 1984, people still had personal privacy and individuality. Now it’s nearly gone, in large part due to the computer’s ability to monitor everything. A person can’t buy anything or take a trip anywhere without it being a matter a record. The main difference from Orwell, is that people are presented with the illusion of being unique individuals, when actually they are copying the same style as millions of other sheep. Example: How many people own a “unique” Harley-Davidson – There are millions of them. Are we really much better off than Orwell predicted? Thank you, computers.