Why Late Mortgage Payments Won’t Cost You A Job

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DiceTV: One of the worst consequences of extended joblessness is what happens after you run through your nest egg — if you were lucky enough to have one. Being upside down on your mortgage will definitely affect your credit rating. But will your credit score affect your ability to land that new job?

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There’s been a lot of noise lately about the increased use of credit reports in hiring, and how bad credit can scuttle your chances at landing a new job. Don’t despair. The news doesn’t tell the whole story.

Research by the Society for Human Resource Management — known affectionately as “SHERM” by HR geeks — shows that employer credit checks haven’t increased since 2004, and fewer than 13 percent of companies even bother to check all applicants.

You see it’s really all about the circumstances. Hiring managers are a good deal more sympathetic than you may imagine, and unless they’ve been living in a cave lately, they understand that the economy isn’t in the best place right now.

Most hiring managers aren’t particularly concerned with your credit issues. Of course it may be different for people in, say, finance or accounting. But if your credit situation is clearly articulated and it’s a direct result of being out of work, it shouldn’t matter much during your search.

Still biting your nails? “SHERM’s” most recent poll should put your mind at ease. 91% percent of the hiring managers who responded said they only conduct credit checks for jobs with financial or fiduciary responsibilities. Less than half check for senior executive positions. For employers who do look at credit history, 87 percent said they’d allow an applicant to explain the results of their report.

So, stop holding your breath every time you send out a resume. If there’s something derogatory on your credit report because of unemployment, or circumstances that you can explain, your future boss should be OK with it. Soon, you’ll be in a position to boost your credit score and get your personal finances right-side-up again.

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2 Responses to “Why Late Mortgage Payments Won’t Cost You A Job”

  1. Local TV news mentiones a local company offering work-at-home call-center-type jobs. Go through all of their screening requirements, computer skills, available computer and internet connection, still need to buy 2 sets of headphones, and initially they say they have no openings!

    Then after a few days, a follow-up email asking me to answer some more questions. I answer that, and I am offered a chance to be a health care customer service rep. Only thing is, I must pass a criminal background check, a drug test, and I must also pay $45 for a credit check. So, I won’t pursue this any further: I am in default of many credit cards, I’ve had every possible collector calling me daily for the past 3 years about the big credit card bills I accumulated, during the time I was getting my Master’s, and having to use credit cards to pay utilities and various living expenses as well as the student expenses my student loans didn’t cover when tuition increased, so I KNOW I won’t pass a credit check.

    What is truly stupid is we have to compete with the employees of overseas call-centers, i.e. in India and Pakistan…..and I have doubts about them having to pass anykind of background check!