HP Begs: Please Adopt A TouchPad – Only $99.99

HP TouchPad On Sale

The life cycle of HP’s tablet was dramatic and exceptionally short. Barely a month after the webOS-based TouchPad was launched, HP slashed $50 off its price to $449.99 for 16GB models and $549.99 for 32GB models.

Less than a week later, it cut the price another $50 for both models. Then, the company further disappointed early adopters of webOS by announcing it had completely given up on its range of webOS devices — effectively putting the platform on life support.

Then bomb dropped : The TouchPad will now follow you home for a mere $99.99. The 32GB model will cost $149.99.

No matter how you look at it — even if no developers bother to create any new apps — it’s a good bargain.  As of now, most online retailers are displaying either “Sold Out” or “Out of stock” notices. If we’re still July, HP would be popping champagne bottles. Alas, it’s too late now.

HP Offers Full Refund or Price Difference

If I’d bought a gadget just to see it depreciate by 80 percent in less than two months, I’d be in a mood, too. Fortunately, those who bought TouchPads before the fire sale began don’t have to cry foul. HP will make up the price difference or give a full refund. If you bought the TouchPad from HP’s website, just call the Home & Office phone service.

HP told retailers to do the same, but it’s unclear right now which have acted on the instructions.

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