How Facebook Steals Information From Your Smartphone

FacebookFacebook’s had privacy problems in the past — that not news — and today when you read their Privacy Policies you might think that your personal information stays private. Guess what?

According to a source from BGR, Facebook tends to acquire some of our information. If you are using a smartphone and a Facebook App, every contact from your phone gets onto Facebook, without you knowing it.

To check, take these following steps:

  • Access Facebook from a PC
  • Click Account and Edit Friends
  • Click on Contacts.

There it’ll be: All of your contacts and their phone numbers.

To remove it, click on the right side of the screen (near the “this page” link in the paragraph that begins “If you would like to remove your mobile contacts from Facebook…”), click the link this page. Follow the instructions found on this page and you’ll be able to turn off contact-sync in Facebook’s mobile app, then click the Remove button.

If you didn’t find your contacts on the Contacts page, you’re lucky. For whatever reason, Facebook didn’t get access to your phone contacts. But be vigilant next time Facebook asks you to grant access to its website.

Source: BGR