Amazon’s Student Unveils Student App for iPhone

Throwing another punch at college bookstores, Amazon’s released a free iPhone app that lets students check prices, trade in books (for a gift card) and, of course, buy textbooks. It also comes with a six-month membership in Amazon Student, which provides free shipping and discounts on required college accessories — like snacks.

Amazon Student

One interesting part of the program: Not only can you trade in books, you can do the same thing with electronics, video games and DVDs, among other things. It’s a whole new way of cleaning out your dorm room.

Source: Amazon
Get the app here.

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  1. What a fantastic idea.

    As a parent of a college age kid and a mentor to 5 kids in college now – and a mentor to about 20 others over the last 20 years – costs for college are outrageous and continues to skyrocket with no end in sight. Any opportunity to get a break when it comes to reducing costs helps these college kids and their families.

    This program that Amazon is putting forward along with recently announced programs to rent college text books in Kindle e-book format is revolutionary and certainly helps with the budget. Kudos to the innovators at Amazon!