Kim Jong-Il Finds Another Niche for MMOs

Kim Jong-il The Way He Should BeKim Jong-Il, the movie-buff tyrant whose people starve while he sips cognac by the case, apparently has a thing for video games, too — at least as a way of getting money into his fiefdom North Korea.

According to the South Korean authorities, Kim Jong-il is using the services of young Korean hackers in a virtual racketeering scheme to farm loot convertible to cash in an attempt to raise funds for militaristic government programs. No, seriously. We couldn’t make this s**t up.

Kim’s hacker squad was able to break into servers for South Korean MMOs and install software that allowed dozens of unmanned computers to play endlessly. The group then took its virtual winnings and exchanged them for real money at sites where players buy new clothes, swords and the like for their game characters. Authorities say that in two years, Kim netted about $2.7 million this way.

It’s good work if you can get it. No jobs like this on Dice, though.

Source: Attack of the Fanboy

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  1. So seriously what’s with Kim Jong-Il’s hair. Is he seriously trying to look like a Korean version of Elvis?

    Secondly, is it true that he goes through about 13 barbers a year with each one being “volunteered” to play soccer in the DMZ’s mine field after the experience?

    As for Kim’s hiring of young hackers/crackers, it’s long been rumored that he’s been trying to create a new virtual fiefdom – in Second Life. Kind of a new “Fantasy Island”… I can see it now, Kim running around saying “the plane, the plane” and his anti-aircraft gunners shooting the plane down.

    It’s really hard to take a second rate dictator with bad hair very serious…

  2. Pat Saison

    Well, it is hard to be an outstanding dictator when one is 2-G and not the original, and unlike electronics, 2-G is not improvement over 1-G, so one has to do something to fill what’s lacking. It is rare that a son overshadows a famous/infamous father. Then there is the 3-G rule.