Condiment Gun Makes a BBQ Statement

Who says Americans have a little obsession problem with guns? Lighten up! Today, we found the condiment gun on Amazon. Looks like a revolver but shoots ketchup and mustard onto your burgers and dogs.

Of course , if you have kids, we can only imagine the hilarity that will ensue, and the horrors of doing the post-BBQ laundry, but that’s what summer fun is all about.

$21 Condiment Gun

One Word of Caution: Pair this with the shotgun shell salt and pepper shakers or the BBQ Sword and you definitely have a problem!

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One Response to “Condiment Gun Makes a BBQ Statement”

  1. What, you haven’t tried out the infamous marshmallow shooter? Kids and dogs love it. Wives hate it – especially on hot summer days (really bad on shag rug).

    Silicon Valley Cube Dwellers find it especially useful when darkness falls and HR leaves the building. Cube Dweller marshmallow battles have long been infamous for many years.

    The marshmallow shooter is on limited sale today at Amazon for the discounted price of $16.00 (while supply lasts).