Facebook Blind Date Leads to Robbery

Facebook  robberCriminals are increasingly harnessing the Web in their operations. Recently, a supermarket manager in Belgium had his apartment and the Carrefour branch under his care robbed by “Katrien Van Loo” — a fictional lady he befriended with on Facebook five months ago.

Just when he thought he could finally meet Ms. Katrien — after the latter invited him to her apartment for dinner — he discovered Ms. Katrien is no lady, but a team of three criminals who overpowered, blindfolded and gagged him.

They then get off with the keys to his apartment and supermarket and left him with everything but his valuables. (The man above is part of the “Katrien gang.”)

When video chat on Facebook goes mainstream, criminals would probably find it not-so-simple to pull the same trick.

The lesson: To ensure your safety on a blind date, tell someone about it beforehand, and choose a public place — regardless of how much fun going to your date’s apartment might sound.

Computer security firm Sophos made a video about the case along with CCTV footage of the criminals.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXttffw-Vl0&w=560&h=345]

Source: Sophos