Apple iPhone 5 Design Spotted In China

iPhone 5 Fake CloneAs rumors continue to circulate over the next iPhone, reports from China say the iPhone 5 was spotted. Although no one knows for sure if the genuine model made by Apple will look like this, we know from last year that this could be possible.
The report came from that revealed the design and some of the features of the reportedly new Chinese iPhone.

The photos revealed a thinner iPhone with a more-rounded shape form that is about 7 mm thick and includes 64 Gb of internal memory. It also apparently features a Java-based OS, MP3, MP4 player, Wi-Fi and will cost 699 Yuan (approximately $108) in China.

Even if articles about the new iPhone 5 continue to circulate, nobody is sure if this is the next design and when Apple will release the next iPhone (although numerous rumors say it will be released in September.

iPhone 5 Fake In China

What is clear though is that the rumor mill continues to churn in Apple’s favor, as numerous reports like this help to create anticipation and desire for the next new iPhone. While Apple remains mum, perhaps their silence is a nod of approval as they prepare for the next big iPhone launch.

Source: Giz-China

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