What Does Your Web Browser Says About Your IQ?

Internet ExplorerUpdate: It turns out that the report was a hoax. Read more about it on BBC.

Your browser of choice may determine your IQ level, or vice versa, according to those who study such things.

One of the earlier studies relating IQ to web browser choice was in 2006, which found that Opera users had the lowest IQ of all other browser users, with an IQ score of slightly over 100.

However, this year the tide changed completely. According to a recent browser/IQ study by AptiQuant, a Vancouver-based Psychometric Consulting company, Opera users are now the smartest of all, with an IQ score of almost 130.

The IQ test was conducted on 101,326 individuals aged 16 and above, and the results were grouped according to their browser of choice. Unsurprisingly, users of the outdated Internet Explorer 6 scored the lowest IQ. Users of IE 7, IE 8 and IE 9 fared just slightly better, but their IQ are still considerably lower than that of Firefox, Chrome and Safari users.

Aptiquant results

Since an online IQ test is not the most scientific way to prove anything, it’d be generalizing to call Internet Explorer users dumb. Still, some of these Explorers are attempting to make the report more believable by threatening a lawsuit. Is that just low IQ or EQ? Or both?

Photo credit: Blubr Blog
Source: Aptiquant

2 Responses to “What Does Your Web Browser Says About Your IQ?”

  1. The one thing that I wonder about this is that many large companies use IE (I’m sure the version varies across companies).

    I know my last job although some programs would work on other browsers if you had an issue first question was what browser are you using? The answer had to be IE. The next question was what version are you using? The answer had to be IE 7 or lower.

    Personal use is one thing but a lot or large companies still use IE…what does that say about them?