D-Link Router Allows Parents Better Internet Control

D-Link DIR – 657The Internet is still something of a dangerous for the young ones. So Web security is important, so D-Link and Open DNS have collaborated to release a router that provides security services for families who want their children to stay away from websites that are dubious, or simply unsafe. Settings can be configured to secure Internet use by children and younger teenagers, in part by blocking websites they deem unsafe.

What sets this particular router aside from other software packages or applications is the fact that the security is coming from the router itself. The router is the device that provides the connection distribution from the Internet source (DSL, cable) to the rest of the household or office. With Open DNS, Internet usage is controlled not just to desktops, but to mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. Because security is being imposed by the router, bloatware can be blocked on any of those devices.

D-Link and Open DNS routers still provide users a smooth and fast Internet experience. This is mainly due to their extra-large cache, which allows servers to predict the information users want, or where they want to go on the Web. Obviously, this time when surfing different sites.

The downside: There’s no way for parents themselves to override the security setting they enter. To some, this is evidence of the router’s efficiency. For those who don’t like it, the temporary solution is to modify the settings through NetGear. This allows users to limit settings to specific computers or devices.

The products for those interested:

  • HD media Router 1000 (DIR – 657), at a retail price of $149.99. It offers a stable Internet connection and Internet-based parental control. But it has a short wireless range and it doesn’t feature dual band.
  •  Whole Home Router (DIR – 645), retails for $119.99. Available later in August, it’s capable of handling larger home networks.

Sourc: TechCrunch

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