What Cat Found Inside a Recruiter’s Head

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgwY2ilCgB0&w=560&h=349]

DICETV: The hiring process can be frustrating and tricky, unless you happen to know the trade secrets of corporate recruiters. I know them — because I looked inside their heads. Come see what I’ve learned.

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19 Responses to “What Cat Found Inside a Recruiter’s Head”

  1. SadDayForAmerica

    Cat you are good. This lady has class, intelligent and is sexy. Great video. Cat if I was you I would look for a job with MSNBC and still work for Dice if you like too. We need females like you on the national news. Always keep the intelligent always strive to be better attitude. America needs you and the world needs America to get new young broadcasters. A real quantum jump in my belief in newcasters to see Cat and I will be looking more at your work. Keep the faith baby.

  2. jobseeker

    Disgusting video! I’d appreciate if she could just give the tips in a nice article, that would have been a lot more useful. Its a pain to watch her having those long silences in between cutting that brain…yuck…I wonder who came up with this aweful idea!

  3. Flamingo

    Dear Cat,

    While your post on recruiters is somewhat accurate, and I stress the somewhat, most professional and ethical recruiters look for the cultural fit. If we are contacting a candidate we have already vetted his/her background through various sources as well as their ability to perform the functions that our client is looking for. After determining the “nuts and bolts” fit, it is a skill set on the part of the recruiter to determine the culture fit. If it isn’t there, it isn’t going to work on a long term basis for either party. Professional recruiters look for long term solutions for BOTH parties.



  4. Michael

    Disgusting video and I agree with the above post the long pauses make it look especially unprofessional. As for recruiting process or what’s in headhunters head there was really nothing useful.

  5. I agree that this video was over the top. You could have completely skipped the whole Dremel tool thing and fake blood, and just had the clean skull, opened it, and took the brain out if you really wanted to portray the “getting inside the head” thing.

    I almost didn’t even watch this after just seeing the part before the Dice logo!

    Very unprofessional way to do a video.

  6. Cat, Cat, Cat! I have to be honest and say what you presented is the same trivial, meaningless, blah, blah, blah, I have been reading for the last twenty years. Oh, I forgot this information is for those new in the job market…my mistake.
    Nor did I like how you presented your theme….why must everything be ‘gruesome” ? “Girl, you can do better than that”! Oh, and excuse me, Cat, as one who went to journalism school you are not ready, I reiterate, not ready for MSNBC (who watches that show? Get a higher level like PBS). Your intent was good. Have a good weekend!

  7. Steve Catanich

    Kat – people may think the video is gross, but you can bet they will remember it and they certainly are talking about it.

    One of the problem with recruiters is that you never know if they are telling the truth. I’ve discovered that I was submitted for an opening and then wasn’t – some offshore people have tried this one on me more than once. I am especially wary when the statement “My direct client” is sued. So yes, do contact the hiring manager directly.

    I know how to use a dremel saw – believe me, it wasn’t that messy. LOL

  8. A little early for Halloween. Interesting tips, but the entire process of getting a job is still scary.
    #1. How does a recruiter know if you are a cultural fit with one interview? How about a phone interview? I have no idea what they look like, or the office space. Nor do they know how I look or what my interests are as well. All these cultural aspects are lost on a phone interview. So based on one phone interview they say no. In person interviews you learn a lot more in this respect, but I have had some in person interviews were all you see a small meeting room and nothing else.

    #8. What if I chose not to live in a voyeuristic Orwellian world of 1984 and have my underwear size and food choices posted all over the web? Would this increase my potential and get hired for a job? Would they realize I fit into the company culture then?

    So if I have an interview with Sam Adams brewery for their web site, should I put a lot of beer drinking on Facebook? What happened if next week I have interview at alcoholics anonymous for their web site? Say I have sworn off drinking beer on Facebook?

    Will the skull be returning for Halloween?

  9. Well, I don’t know about working with MSNBC, why see her career end before it starts? I personally prefer FOX news, or make up her own, but before I get ‘political’ in the wrong place, the point being, the creative ‘tact’ was ‘right on the money, just the way I might have done it, if I was that attractive and witty (actually, I am, quite witty, but my genius just hasn’t risen to the top of my skull yet, and am waiting to be more ‘fully’ discovered). Also, I’m a guy, and probably boring looks with no ‘outstanding’ journalistic hooks. But seriously, I am blessed to see her on Dice, and Hope that she continues rolling her cubes here, as well as anywhere else, as wisdom leads her. I’m sure that all of us here are profiting.

  10. Two things:

    1. I’d have believed what she said more if she opened the skull and found nothing in there.

    2. 90% of HR people have no clue about corporate culture and could care less. (recruiters ARE HR people BTW) They take their little punch lists and start eliminating candidates based on little more than that. Other than filling out tax forms and complaining about my co-pay they really serve no function from my experience.

    Also, I’m getting really tired of HR articles and videos whose only purpose is to justify the profession. HR is more an impediment to the hiring process than a benefit.

  11. jelabarre

    Yet AGAIN I wasted my click on going to one of these “video” pages. TEXT, folks; perhaps I’d like to read actual *content*? Perhaps Cat isn’t capable of writing?

    • Steve

      Get a sense of humor. Cat is an excellent writer. What she did with this video is express what many of us have thought of some of the more dense recruiters. Anybody who has ever wondered what some of these people have in their heads will find this enjoyable.