Smartphones Are Also Good for Getting You In Trouble

Software’s too smart for its own good. If you don’t believe Skynet’s ever going to happen then think of what’s happening now: You text your mother and then realize your smartphone has “corrected” one of your words to something you really, really didn’t want her to see. Think about what could happen with “purse,” “Coke” or… Well, you get the idea.

Or maybe you don’t. In that case, there’s Damn You Auto Correct, a website created as a public service by Jillian Madison, Michelle Madison and Brie Bryant. What have they found? Things like this:

1. The Unintended Consequence

2 . The Lesson on How Mom Perceives You

3. The Ungrateful Date

There’s more, and a whole bunch are NSFW. Of course those are the best ones. But I’d have  to label them The Hostile Work Environment, and I’d be having a long and uncomfortable discussion with HR for sure.

Source: Damn You, Auto Correct!

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  1. Nice…

    The latest I’ve seen of something like this has been from my wife on my way home from work. She sent me a text with a shopping list: “Need you to pick up milk, bread, eggs, & D Coke. Spoons”

    So I stop by the grocery store and picked up milk, bread, eggs, Diet Coke, and plastic spoons. When I arrive home, I hand her the bag and then she pulls out the plastic spoons and says, “What’s this?” I reply, “The spoons you wanted. Did you want larger spoons?” She says, “I did not want spoons!” So I promptly show her my iPhone. She then says, “No, I meant, ‘see you soon.’ ” And left me holding the bag…

    Well, I guess it could be worse. It could have been knives.