Google+ Looks For Celebrities to Sign Up and Talk

Google has scads of money, of course, but the company would have to spend a pretty big chunk if it wanted to grow Google+ by advertising and marketing alone. So, it’s apparently looking into promoting the fledgling social network through word of some very big mouths.

CNN reports Google is considering ways to turn celebrities into vocal and visible users of Google+ — its very own Ashton Kutchers, if you will. Though Google won’t comment, CNN got hold of internal e-mails about the plan.

Google appears to be looking to trace that blueprint to reach a wider audience… The company has managed to get big names, such as Lady Gaga and Tina Fey, to drop by its campus to speak for YouTube audiences, but the challenge will be getting each actively to maintain yet another online profile.

This last point seems a tad naïve to me. Does anyone really believe all those celebrity tweeters maintain their own accounts all by themselves?

Anyway, this is a sign that Google’s not going to always say Google+ is a more business-sensible network than Facebook. Sure, you can separate your work streams from your friend streams, but it still seems to me that the best Google can do is to make G+ into the business social network and turn Facebook into a purely personal one.

Google’s never done social particularly well, but it does have a knack for creating tools that businesses like. I don’t see Ashton Kutcher transmitting recruiting or project management advice anytime soon.

Source: CNN

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    • Hi Abhishek –

      I don’t doubt the pace of growth at all, but Google’s too smart to just let things take a natural course. I’ve got to believe that want to significantly close the gap with Facebook, even if they are focusing on a different (and smaller) audience. Looked at that way, it’s 20 million down, 480 million to go. 🙂


  1. The means to segregate the streams by circles is a better way for people to manage the social information flow. It allows people more control and segregation of their communities, and where their own posts will appear.

    Now, it remains a catch-up game yes. But over time, I think enough people will see the benefit. Some will make a switch from Facebook, or incorporate Google+ in specific areas of their social life where there is more focus.

    Or just as likely, Facebook will grab the concept and introduce it into their offering. Overall though, Google is changing the direction of social collaboration because of their insights.

  2. “Excuse me, but I do not need any so called celebrity making up my mind for me.” My parents taught me and my five siblings to think for ourselves. Thank you!. They can put a celebrity on ‘whatever’ they are just like us imperfect people, maybe a little more money, but imperfect.