How to Engage in Company Warfare


When someone says, “I teach companies how to conduct organizational warfare,” I interview them.

That was the case when I bumped into Simon Wardley, a researcher for the Leading Edge Forum. With that tease I asked him about the different techniques for the “fighting?” Here’s what he said:

  • Ecosystems – Create utility services and encourage innovation in the space.
  • Out Commoditize – This is an often an open source play, with multiple providers, with a common area that everyone gains from. Amazon is like this, even though it’s not necessarily “open source.”
  • Tower and Moat – Create a standard revenue stream and then build a moat around it with differentiated services. An example of this is, which differentiated itself by buying Radian6.

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  1. All I can say is WOW. I’ve heard many messages (referring to the interview content) like this and usually it takes a couple of hours to get this information across – whether or not management buys it is another matter. For Simon Wardley to get these message across in 4.5 minutes and have it coherent is impressive.

    Excellent interview. Great messages. Very instructive!