Quality Alone Time With Mark Zuckerberg

Walking TrailA lot of people say finding a job is like dating. Whether Mark Zuckerberg believes that is known only to himself. But he’s smart enough to recognize that some quality alone time is a good way to convince people he wants them to join Facebook.

Working at Facebook adds to your cred as a potential rock star. Those identified as already being rock stars — either by Facebook’s management together or Zuckerberg alone, another thing that’s not known — get special treatment. Often it’s an e-mail out of the blue from the 27-year-old boss, followed by a private meeting, and then an invitation to walk through the woods near Stanford University.

One walkee said the whole thing was “pretty disorienting.”

“Zuckerberg said money wasn’t an object and that if I wanted the job — and why wouldn’t I, he questioned — the paperwork was already ready to go back at the office,” said the person, who ran a small start-up Mr. Zuckerberg was trying to acquire. “The entire experience was totally surreal. I really felt like I was on a date.”

And people say there’s no romance in job hunting.

Source: The New York Times

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  1. If Zuckerberg, and anyone who woos), has read the book Titan (about John D Rockefeller) it’s probably wise to join the Zuckster “voluntarily”. Otherwise he takes you involuntarily or renders you irrelevant and yesterday’s news. Can anyone say “MySpace”?

  2. Ah, I should never post just before bedtime.

    The above post was supposed to read “and anyone he woos,”

    Oh well. In this day/age of txtng dz any1 rlly car abt spllng and pnctution?

  3. I’d be more interested in an interview with the Goldman Sachs and the Wall St. spin master team who are responsible for tailoring Facebook into the over-valued entity that it is today. Too bad Jerry Wang and Yahoo Inc. didn’t recruit this team 12 years ago and label their Yahoo Messenger as the future of “social networking over the cloud” which it essentially IS.