Consumerization Continues to Baffle IT

Toshiba Thrive

The “consumerization of IT” continues to spread, giving IT departments fits. The unavoidable trend is most recently highlighted in an IDC/Unisys survey that queried both users and IT pros. The big news: IT is underestimating the number of employees already using laptops, mobiles and tablets and knows IT is unable to support them.

GigaOM turned the results into a funky infographic that shows just how fast consumerization is happening. Some highlights:

  • 40 percent of devices used to access business devices are personally owned, up 10 points from last year
  • 20 percent of workers are using Facebook or mySpace; 13 percent are using Twitter or something similar
  •  29 percent of workers admit they use their smartphones in bed; 20 percent admit they use them when driving
  • 89 percent of IT departments say they have no plans to modernize customer-facing apps for mobile devices this year
  • A mere 6 percent have adapted their customer-facing apps for mobiles so far
  • IT is actually doing less this year than last year to secure smartphones
  • More than half of workers are buying their own smart devices for work, even though they aren’t being reimbursed

The bottom line: 70 percent of IT departments rate themselves as late or last adopters of new tech. As the survey puts it, “They have become custodians instead of innovators.

Source: GigaOm