Apple’s Winning Over More Students Than Microsoft

According to Global Equities Research, 80 percent of U.S. students are buying Mac desktops and laptops rather than Windows devices. Apparently, Microsoft’s effort to boost sales by giving away Xbox 360s hasn’t gained much traction.

The increase was seen among both online-only students and those returning to brick-and-mortar schools. One of the most popular products among them is the iPad.

Mac Student
Analyst Trip Chowdhry says a majority of these customers are buying songs, eBooks and movies, and Apple applications aren’t at the top of their list. The company’s back-to-school promo is only worth $100, while Microsoft’s is twice that. Ironically, most Microsoft customers here already own an Xbox and are opting to upgrade from the 4GB arcade version to the 250GB model.

Even with the success of wireless gaming with Xbox Kinect, a majority still prefer the Mac over Windows when it comes to productivity and entertainment. With the release of the iPad 2, users can now take advantage of the latest 4G technology, high quality pictures and integrated front and back cameras.

And despite the huge success of Xbox Kinect among younger customers, products like the MacBook and iPad are a hit with older audiences, particularly college students and professionals. And with iCloud allowing them to sync from one Apple device to another, the company’s once again shown its versatility.

Finally, there’s the app store. Apple’s has gained an edge because it offers thousands of applications, utilities and tools — far more than its competitors.

Source: Electronista