Apple Seems Ready to Reinvent its Sharing Features

Apple Sharing FeatureA new reports hints that Apple might be developing a new sharing service — something similar to the one in by HP’s WebOS. But cooler.

The WebOS sharing feature is called “Touch and Share.” It was first introduced this year, with HP’s TouchPad. But quietly, as usual, Apple seems to have been working on its own feature for about 18 months.

HP Touch and Share allows you to share content between HP devices by simply touching one device (a TouchPad for example) and another (let’s say a Pre 3). For now you can only sharejust Web URLs, but more is expected soon. For example, you’ll be able to share apps, music, messages and so on.

Apple’s feature is expected to “pour” out a file from one Apple device to another, just like you pour water. This will be animated on both screen devices, with sound and graphic animations, simulating a “file” leaving the first device and entering the second.

The technology uses both devices’ motion sensors to detect the exact position of, say, the iPhone and iPad.

Apple Quick Sharing Feature

None of this has been officially announced, but the were patented by inventors Brett Bilbrey, Nicholas King and Todd Benjamin on January 5, 2010 (patent application #20110163944).

It’s still unsure whether Apple will use the new feature, but we hope they do. It just looks so cool.

Source: PatentlyApple