How to Absolutely, Positively Show You’re a Bad-Ass Geek

There’s any number of ways to proclaim that you’re proudly geek. You can attribute all of your time playing World of Warcraft to professional development. You considered your wedding in real life as practice for your wedding in Second Life. You’ve seen all of the Star Trek movies at least four times and can quote from all of them. I could go on.

But here’s a no-brainer, the ultimate in geek street cred: The mouse belt buckle.

The MouseBuckle

They’re made by a couple named Holly and PJ, who sell products through their Etsy store “GettingWeddy,” to help defray their wedding expenses. They have five types of mice for your belt, four Macs and a Compaq. They don’t come with belts or, for that matter, as Holly and PJ point out, computers. But so what? Any self-respecting geek has at least two computers at work and home.

So, kill two birds with one stone: Help a couple out and make yourself cooler than you already are. Buy a MouseBuckle.

GettingWeddy on Etsy
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  1. R. Emmett O'Ryan

    So here’s an idea, use your iPhone or Android as your belt buckle. Obviously you will need to protect them from damage but now instead of having your phone clipped to your belt or (for you ladies) in your purse, it can now be accessorized “bling” or put to use to keep pants up.

    So if I start wearing something like this does this make me a “bad-ass geek” or a new fashion trend setter?