Analyst Expects 2 – Yes, 2 – New iPhones in September

AppleEven though it’s possible, the idea of seeing two different iPhone models released at the same time sounds unlikely. However, claims based on a report by Christ Whitmore (analyst from Deusche Bank) say that Apple will unveil its highly anticipated iPhone 5, along with another mobile phone which has already been christened as the iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 4S is expected to be pretty much the same as the current iPhone 4. However, it’s thought to be a lot faster and simply  more effective.

Whitmore sent out a message to clients advising them that both devices will be issued soon. He acknowledged that Apple had the opportunity to take over the gap left by competitors RIM and Nokia. Apple is entirely capable of going strong by releasing the two models and — it hopes — win those customers it’s left behind. By doing this, the company will be able to greatly enlarge its portion of the market pie.

According to Whitmore, the so-called iPhone 4S would appeal to those that prefer pay-as-you-go plans. This means the phone would be factory unlocked, with plans where customers simply choose among the pre-paid options. These potential customers make up 1.5 billion opportunities.

This was evidenced on the chart shown in the report, where the penetration of the iPhone was low in less developed areas like Africa and Latin America. In these cases, customers who choose pre-paid plans need to pay full price for the mobile phone that they desire. This makes it a lot more difficult for them to acquire a pricey phone such as the iPhone.Pre Paid vs Post Paid ChartThe iPhone 4S, although it hasn’t been verified, might come as the alternative to those who can’t afford an expensive phone. Numerous analysts and reporters have advocated a lower-priced phone that would  be available to lower-income customers. Apple has said it was aware that price was perhaps the deciding and most important factor when it comes to purchasing pre-paid phones. Even though it seemed to have no interest, it never left it aside entirely.

If the report and rumor are true, the new iPhones might be out for sale in September.

Source: Fortune

2 Responses to “Analyst Expects 2 – Yes, 2 – New iPhones in September”

  1. Semagical

    The iphone4s will be better and faster than iphone4 but less expensive so that it can target lower priced markets??? That seems to be a contradiction…

  2. NHDad

    This is not nec. a contradiction, as the cell subscriber customers will pick up the tab for most of the new tech that “trickles down” to the 4S, and any remaining shortfall will be made whole by licensing fees from the prepaid carriers.

    Truthfully, this may be Apple’s way of phasing out the iPod Touch product line, thereby saving still more in overhead expense. And if they were to build in SD card support they could serve those of us who need more than 8 or 16GB of storage.

    Sent from an iPod Touch 3rd generation…