China Quickly Blocks Google+

Great Wall of ChinaGoogle+ was officially out in the world for a little more than a day before running afoul of Chinese Internet authorities. So it seems that Google+ has joined the ranks of most  other social networks on the wrong side of the great firewall (including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and FourSquare).

The move should not really come as a surprise. Google has previously accused China of hacking the accounts of pro-democracy activists. In turn, the Chinese government has accused Google of being a “political tool” of governments of the West by the Chinese government.

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  1. steve

    In China, there are social networks, people blog incessantly, and the ever-present QQ, just not ones with direct tie-ins to the US national security agency. The internet is alive, critical and vibrant in China, even without FB and twitter.See China Smack…..actually when I moved to China I actually found more personal freedom and less obtrusive government surviellance and control than my hometown back in the states. In fact, personal freedom is what I like most about living in China…