How Can an Ingrained Infrastructure Compete Against a Startups Agility?


Everyone I met at the CIO Boot Camp at Interop was working at an established business, not a startup. One of their concerns: How do their ingrained processes, infrastructure and technology compete against startups that are launching their business without an IT department.

VCs view IT as a big sunk cost. They believe one way of getting around that is to force their ventures to launch IT operations in the cloud. This empowers startups to come to market a lot more quickly. Mazi Fayazfar, Senior Director of IT at retailer IXIA, realizes that by using disruptive technology, startups have the agility to compete against big players.

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    • Late comment: it’s equally as challenging to work in an established company that continues to be (mis/poorly) managed as though it is a startup. I.e. no standards, clearly defined roles, etc.

      • I’m in a situation with my own company where I’m trying to get standards in place with how we’re doing processes. It’s a lot of work, and I’m just a small company. So I know how difficult it can be.