DiceTV’s Ask Cat: How To Reclaim Technical Mojo

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This month, Cat answers your questions about getting up to speed after you’ve taken time away from IT, the pitfalls of finding the perfect position, and writing the most effective job and skill summaries for your resume. Take a look.

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  1. Marty Osten

    Meow Cat,

    I have a diverse resume of being a programmer (wrote Interlink, SWIFT, others), a Systems Analyst as we were called when we were supposed to be smart, and Sales Engineer when they didn’t want to pay the rep big commissions. We did after all usual make the sale possible.

    Now I’m laid off, 57, was “retrained” as a Project Manager, and still clearly get denied positions due to age. Trust me, I interview well and read body language to adjust my approach. Yet, I do not sell skills that I don’t have. Please help!

    Soon to be homeless,

  2. It is not possible to “lose” your mojo; you have it, or not. Others might be afraid of your mojo, or you might be seen as too old to have any mojo, but if you ever had it, your get-up-and-go-did-not-get-up-and-went.

    As for Cat’s suggestion about school, I’d return in a heart-beat if I could afford to do so. Ironically, the last time I was in school one of my grad-school profs asked why I was in a long term technical cert class considering that I had an MBA. Sadly, because I am already educated I don’t qualify for more education.