LulzSec’s Hacker Went Under Cover By ‘Playing Video Games’

Pirate FlagUsed to be your excuse for locking yourself in your room for hours on end was, “I’m doing my homework.” Of course, what you were really doing was playing video games. When Ryan Cleary — who claims he’s a major figure in the hacking group LulzSec — locked himself in for hours on end, his excuse was “I’m playing video games.” Of course, what he really was doing was hacking.

Indeed his mother Rita didn’t know anything about her son’s nefarious activities until their home was raided by the police and the FBI.

“I asked him what he was doing and he said he was playing games. Maybe I was naive to believe him.”

Cleary’s brother, Mitchell, 22, added: “It’s shocking. I have not got a clue what’s happening. He’s not the sort to do anything mad.

“He stays in his room, you’ll be lucky if he opens the blinds. I think someone has a grudge against him.”

For its part, LulzSec says Cleary is anything but a central player. In a statement released earlier this week, it said, “Clearly the UK police are so desperate to catch us that they’ve arrested someone who is, at best, mildly ­associated with us. Lame.”

Source: The Mirror

3 Responses to “LulzSec’s Hacker Went Under Cover By ‘Playing Video Games’”

  1. LOVELY! Demonize hackers and gaming all in one go?
    LULZSEC is a CIA front to push the neutering of information exchange and give reasons for big bro to allow itself more freedom with your information. Its all a show people… The emperor HAS NO CLOTHES.

    • Andrew

      I would have to say you are probably right, at least on the fact the CIA’s whole mission is to destabilize areas, be it a country or something like the Internet, in order to allow the US government or itself to exert more control… It has caused us more problems in it’s “solutions” over the past few decades (meddling in Vietnam gave us our first lost and illegal war, meddling in Iranian affairs led to their Islamic Revolution, meddling in Libya and Syria led to Beirut bombing, meddling in the whole Middle East led to 9/11, etc…) than we should be expected to bear. It should be disbanded, but that’s like asking Iran or Pakistan, or hell, the US to give up their nukes… never happen.