5 Responses to “DiceTV: How to Respond to Interview Questions They Shouldn’t Ask”

  1. mary ann long

    hi, same as the application i was about to complete today. after downloading resume and completing application, along with all of the i9 questions, you are to put your initials and also the dob


    • Hi Ramulaben. Here’s what I’d suggest: If it’s possible on the form, say they’re “open.” If the form doesn’t allow that, just be honest but be sure you’re reasonable compared to others in the field. (Here’s where salary.com and payscale.com — and of course, the Dice salary survey — come in handy.) If the average in your specialty is, say, $65k and you want $80k, that may be an issue. But if you say you want $70k, I don’t think that would hurt you from getting in the door if your qualifications are good.

      Hope this helps,