Panasonic Plans to Launch Android Tablet Late This Year

Toughbook TabletPanasonic will release its first Android tablet, a Toughbook to be launched in the fourth quarter.  The device is aimed at workers who need to take their computers out of the office and often use them outdoors — people like mobile workers or those in areas like field service, home healthcare and public safety.

The tablet will include a high brightness, daylight viewable screen so that users can easily use it regardless of lighting conditions. It will also have an active stylus, allowing for the capture of signatures, a 10.1-inch XGA multi-touch display, satellite-based GPS, “full-shift” battery life, and optional embedded 3G/4G mobile broadband connectivity.

Security is being embedded at the hardware level, the company says.

Panasonic’s trying to fill a market gap that it says exists between what workers actually need and what the current generation of tablets has to offer. “The vast majority of tablet devices — regardless of the OS — are engineered for consumers and don’t offer appropriate levels of security and durability or the functionality needed for business use,” said Rance Poehler, president of the Panasonic Solutions Company.

Source: Panasonic via BusinessWire