More Hacking Means More Jobs in More Places

Bank VaultBack in January experts speculated about a possible shortage of cybersecurity professionals as companies announced plans to increase spending and hire additional staffin the coming 12 to 18 months. Now the recent spate of high-profile attacks confirms a growing need for trained professionals.

Whether you want to continue working in Corporate America, nab a government job or follow the migrating herd of professionals to the cloud, chances are you won’t be unemployed any time soon if you’re qualified in cybersecurity. Here are a few of the emerging opportunities.

Federal Government

Opportunities will soon abound in Maryland and Virginia as the federal government and private sector try to ward off future attacks. Invest Maryland fund plans to raise about $70 million for venture capital funds investing in cybersecurity businesses, says the Washington Business Journal. With a multiplier effect, the fund could steer $350 million to $700 million into burgeoning cyber companies and create sorely needed jobs.


The smart grid increases system complexity and the need for technology management, and analysts say that only 50 percent of power providers are protected from external attackers.

Social Networks

Social media is growing, and with it the threat from hackers, so the industry is looking to hire additional cybersecurity professionals.

Cloud Providers More than 400 executives attended a recent conference at UCLA, where experts warned of possible security breaches in the cloud. Suffice it to say that cloud providers will need to take additional steps to allay the growing fears of wary CIOs.