E3: Games or Girls? Booth Babes Tell Us Why People Stop By to Visit

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OmV0w9dmeU&w=560&h=349]

If you’ve been to E3, you know about the Booth Babes. (Don’t yell at me. I didn’t come up with the term.) These are the always young, always pretty women who station themselves at the front of the expo’s booths in, let’s say, cutting edge costumes to attract you out of the aisle. They are universally friendly, happy to pose for photos or chat, and should be commended for their patience, for who knows what kind of conversations they have to carry on.

The thing is, the 45,000 people who stream through the LA Convention Center are all about games. They want to get their hands on them. They want to see the trailers up close. They want to put the new handhelds through their paces. So I wondered, is it the women who entice people into the booths — or is it the games?

To get the answer, I went to the experts: The Booth Babes themselves. They didn’t hesitate to tell me what they thought. In fact, they were darn nice about it.